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ECOBANK CAMEROUN is recruiting 03 Local Account Managers

19/03/2012 Douala 5159 vues
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ECOBANK CAMEROUN is recruiting 03 Local Account Managers


ECOBANK CAMEROUN S.A. is recruiting 03 Local Account Managers based in Douala.

- To grow the Corporate Bank relationships, business and revenue in a profitable and cost effective manner.
- To understand client needs and objectives and identify opportunities for Corporate Bank to support client in addressing or escalating problems and challenges relating to sustainable growth and profitability.
Key Accountabilities

1- Manage local relationships under RAMs and/or CB Head
guidance and supervision and grow the customer base through active
marketing of target market names.
2- Advise on areas such as service enhancement and regularly
review country performance.
3- Support the Corporate Bank on implementing customer
agreed global strategy.
4- Attain targeted sales goals, performance targets and
customer satisfaction through the effective management of resources.
5- Together with GAMs/RAMs, review Account Plans for all
networked customers with a view to enhancing business volumes and
6- Conduct joint sales with GAMs/RAMs and product team with
emphasis on cross selling to increase wallet share for Ecobank.

1- Implement marketing strategies to develop existing portfolio and develop new opportunities.
2- Understand customer needs and provide with products and services to satisfy client needs and achieve business objectives.
3- Prepare and agree with RAM/CB head on local account plan as well as appropriate credit grade, and maximize returns in line with business strategy.

1- Assess risk and business strategies of local
subsidiary/associate/affiliate, and ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements
2- Be aware and fully understand all terms of a Group Application or Single CA, including the parental support arrangement
relative to the particular relationship.
3- Agree pricing with GAMs/RAMs for Global/Regional names.
4- Keep GAM regularly informed of any local developments that may impact credit standing of the group.
5- Good credit analyst (comfortable with financial statements and analysis)

Reporting: Corporate Bank, Head

Skills and Experience:
- BAC / Advanced Level +3/4 years in Banking and Finance; Accounting; Economics; Management, Marketing; Science or related field of study.
- At least 3 - 4 years sales experience with good sales track record, preferably in Wholesale/Corporate Banking or Sales department in a multinational institution or FMCG.
- Ability to interact and negotiate with the client at the Local decision-making level;
- Ability to pull together various resources to sell and deliver customer solutions;
- Fluency in French and English

Management Capacities :
- Good verbal and written communication and networking skills.
- Result driven team player;
- Well organized and structured person.
- Inclusive, flexible, savvy and sensitive to client culture
- Reliable and self developed.
- Pro-activity and creativity.

Application Process:
Please submit your CV and motivation letter to ECM-Recruit@ecobank.com
latest 25th March 2012, with the subject « Local Account Manager »

Ecobank Cameroon is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, ethnicity, physical ability, etc....

Visit our website at http://www.ecobank.com

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